Tuesday, 7 February 2012

25 Creative Typographic Logos – Inspirational Type!

Typography is the art form used by many logo designers to create alluring designs. By using various fonts, you can convey a unique message to the target audience. It is also popularly used to create hidden logos by mending and bending the words in the typeface. Today, I bring you a collection of 25 well-carved out logo designs that are purely typographic in nature. They will give you an insight on how to create typographic logos.



30+ Typography related designs

 I simply love typography. You can really have fun playing with fonts, designing posters and all kind of promotional materials based only on typography and in the end come up with something amazing. When you are in the logo design business, you really need to know all about typography, fonts and everything because a good symbol is bad without a good font that fits perfectly with it. Start with the basics and develop amazing skills just playing with it, there are unlimited opportunities just because there are so many beautiful created fonts out there and because you can create your own font depending on your need at the time once you developed some skill in this particular area of work. You can see examples of typography logo design  is used really good here. Have fun looking at this amazing designs: